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Best 4™ Allergy Prevention - Kids

Best 4™ Allergy Prevention - Kids

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Dear Mom... You know how I love to roll around on the lawn with Spot but then I end up itching and sneezing for the rest of the day? Well, they say that this little capsule is packed with a whole lot of clever stuff that will help me do all the things I love without the itching, sneezing and wheezing. Wow! I can’t believe they can pack so many things inside such a little thing. Mom, you’re the best. Thanks for choosing what’s best for me.


Best 4™ Allergy Prevention is also available for adults.


Why is Best 4 Kids™ Allergy Prevention GOOD for your kid?

We know how frustrating it is every time there’s a change of season or your kids are in contact with something that triggers their allergies, and you’re back to spending hours in doctors’ waiting rooms and fortunes in pharmacies. You’ve been there, done it and hope not to repeat it. That’s why this product has been specifically designed to help prevent allergic and inflammatory symptoms of hay fever and mild upper respiratory infections. It also prevents irritations that may flare up as a result of pollen, dust mites and fungal spores.


What makes Best 4 Kids™ Allergy Prevention BETTER for your kid?

Because this product is based on the belief that prevention is better than cure, we have sought the most effective ingredients to help boost your child’s resistance, and minimise the time you spend treating their allergies. In addition to Butterbur and Bio-Quercetin™, the key ingredient in the Phytosyn14™ blend helps to regulate inflammatory responder cells, thereby providing effective, temporary relief while supporting a healthy immune system.


Why is Best 4 Kids™ Allergy Prevention BEST 4 you?

Best 4 Kids™ Allergy Prevention’s key ingredient is Butterbur. During the past 30 years, this herbal extract has undergone rigorous studies and clinical trials, which have shown that Butterbur significantly improves breathing by reducing mucus and minimising the effects of histamine and nasal congestion, all without side effects. Butterbur is non-sedating and helps to decrease the spasms in smooth muscle, thus relaxing swollen nasal membranes.


Another key ingredient is Bio-Quercetin™, an improved bio-available form of quercetin, which has been confirmed as being 5-20 times more effective than quercetin. Bio-Quercetin™ is an anti-oxidant which has been used for over 3 decades to boost resistance to food and respiratory allergies. Its biological effects are mainly due to its anti-oxidant activity and to its wide-ranging, multi-functional anti-inflammatory activity.

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