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Best 4™ Range FAQ's

Q: What type of ingredients are contained in the Best 4™ range?
A: All products within the range comprise a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. These

    ingredients are 100% natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Q: What is the Best 4™ range free from?
A: The Best 4™ range is free from gluten and lactose.

Q: All Best 4™ products contain Phytosyn™. What is Phytosyn™?
A: Phytosyn™ is a proprietary blend that aids with digestion and the elimination of toxins,

    thereby helping your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. Additional benefits

    Phytosyn™ include:

  • Increasing bioavailability

  • Boosting the metabolism and burning more fats and calories

  • Fighting allergies and inflammation

  • Replenishing trace elements

  • Improving digestion

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