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Our natural biological process includes damage to cellular and molecular structures over time. This damage contributes to what we consider age related diseases (heart disease, cancer, dementia, death, etc). Finding ways to slow, or better yet, repair this damage theoretically can positively impact aging, and is the baseline for most supplement studies.

  • For Good Results... take Best 4™ Longevity which contains Trans-Resveratrol, the primary active form of resveratrol. Resveratrol research indicates that it can increase lifespan by activating the SIRT-1 (anti-aging) gene. Bacopin® helps to repair damaged neurons by adding muscle to kinase, the protein involved in the synthesis of new neurons to replace the old ones. Depleted synaptic activity is thus restored, leading to augmented memory functions.

  • For Best Results.... add Best 4™ Antioxidant Complex which contains a unique blend of potent antioxidants which exert multiple benefits throughout the body, including suppressing pro-inflammatory chemicals responsible for accelerated aging.